the challenge


The Challenge:
Complete one goal every week for the 25 weeks leading up to my 25th birthday (June 18th 2016) and blog about it. Learn more about my why here.

The Objective:
♥ Have fun!
♥ Create magical moments
♥ Learn and grow
♥ Practice blogging
♥ Meet people
♥ Knock some goals off my list
♥ Laugh
♥ Have some pretty cool accomplishments and learn from some epic mistakes

The Rules:
Each week’s goal must involve one of these elements :
♥ push me outside my comfort zone
♥ make me want to puke (in the best way possible)
♥ help me complete a goal
♥ make a magical memory
♥ teach me something new
Basically, whatever I choose has to be intentional. Not something like “well, I had a tasty coffee this week, I’ll just blog about that.” 

The Why:
It’s important to invest in ourselves. Sometimes I forget to do this. I’ve created this challenge as a gift to myself. My reminder to invest in ME. It’s my birthday present TO me, LOVE me. Wrapped inside is a soul seeking, adventure finding, comfort zone pushing, memory creating machine that I can hardly wait to unwrap. 

So there you have it. My challenge and life for the next 25 weeks. Follow along as I post, learn and grow. I’d love your company!