After Twenty-Five: All the Learning


What a journey this has been!!

I can’t believe how fast time went and challenging completing one goal a week actually turned out to be. As adults, our lives are so busy. Between working, social lives, fitness, errands, and Facebooking (jk but not really) there is little time to spare. This was so evident while I was doing this challenge. Finding time to complete a goal and then blogging about it felt nearly impossible some weeks. 

Obviously I didn’t complete my challenge in the way I initially intended but I don’t feel like I failed. My not-so-secret reason for creating this challenge was to see if I liked blogging, and to try to blog at least once a week. What I found out? I LOVED it more than I ever would have expected. On top of discovering a new passion I learnt so much more.

What else did I learn?  

♥ People seemed to have an easier time connecting with me. 
♥ Before Twenty Five was an excellent conversation starter
♥ I was constantly re-evaluating my goals and what I wanted in life. 
♥ I was more anxious than I expected since I was constantly re-evaluating my goals
♥ Working online was really exciting! I especially loved seeing my stats, watching people read things, comments, and hearing that I inspired people.
♥ Blogging was extremely time consuming. It took my 4+ uninterrupted hours to create a blog post from start to finish (writing, editing, visuals, posting, etc.)
♥ I often caught myself focusing on the little goals that didn’t really matter instead of tackling something more life changing. (Maybe this is a constant in my life?)
♥ You have to make time for what’s important. Don’t just expect it to happen. 
♥ Being pushed outside your comfort zone is super empowering 

On top of all these learnings, I also knocked some goals off my list and felt like I accomplished quite a bit. This is the beauty of setting goals. Without a set goal A) you don’t have a focus and B) you never get that sense of completion/ accomplishment.  

What did I accomplish?  

♥ Launched this website (week one)
♥ Learnt to rock climb and loved it (week two)
♥ Practiced sweating every day (week three)
♥ Conquered my fear of hip hop class (week four)
♥ (Mostly) completed (week five)
♥ Got cozier with arm balanced (week six)
♥ Observed the impact of food on my life (week seven and week eight)
♥ Made informed choices instead of completing a goal that was trendy (week nine)
♥ Took time for me (week ten)
♥ Danced my butt off (week eleven)
♥ Re-evaluated instead of just quitting (week eighteen
♥ Organized my closet for a cleaner mind (week nineteen
♥ Go zip lining (it hasn’t happened yet but I bought my tickets to go so it kind of applies)  (Check out where we’re going here
♥ BOOKED A TRIP TO BALI!! (after twenty five but still counts )

Check out the original list here

So What’s next?

Right now I’m enjoying the last bits of summer and then going to get my butt in gear to launch designs (EEK!). Besides that I am prepping to leave for Bali on October 27th which I am unbelievably excited about.

Thanks to a combination of Before Twenty Five, action taking and hustling, 2016 is turning into one wicked year. I can’t wait to see what the rest of it brings. If the first half was any indication, it’s going to be pretty unbeatable. 

As always,