Week One: Launch a Website


This week’s challenge embodied two different important elements. Launching a website which has been a goal of mine for far too long and battling the perfectionist in me.

Perfection can be a gift and a curse.

This is something I know too well. My whole life I’ve consistently allowed my perfectionism to take over. Sometimes it means I create things that I am extremely proud of. Most of the time it means I either start something and it takes one thousand years to complete or I don’t follow through because it never “gets there.” Even now, as I’m writing this I am second guessing every word I say. I’m literally telling myself “it’s alright, if you wake up tomorrow and don’t like it. You can just rewrite it.”

This week for the #beforetwentyfive challenge I’m taking a stand and launching an imperfect website (GULP). It’s an exercise in breaking this habit and instead sharing me, raw and uncut. I’m not going to let perfectionism hold me back any longer. Instead, here I am, sharing me.

That all being said, the battle of the perfectionist is real and this site took me far longer than I’d hoped it would. Beating a habit takes practice so I’m working on it. Constantly reminding myself “Lauren, it doesn’t have to be perfect, that’s good enough.” I had actually planned to launch this site on Saturday January 2nd. That obviously isn’t what happened and you know what? I’m alright with that.

As for the other aspect of this challenge, I am BEYOND EXCITED to share this website and challenge with my world. For the last five years I’ve dabbled in various online businesses. I’ve created plans, designed sites, learnt basic coding, done courses, wrote ebooks, created brands, spent hours researching and had other countless learnings. Again thanks to my dear old friend perfection, every project I worked on was never completed because I focused on what it could be instead of actually making it happen. Since creating an online presence is among my top goals yet something I’ve struggled with a fair bit, I thought this was a perfect way to start the #beforetwentyfive challenge. In turn, week one has been pretty pivotal for me and I’m ecstatic to share it with you.

So goodbye to endless editing, tweaking and changing. Hello posting, sharing and wearing my heart on my sleeve.