Week Twenty-Two: A Passion for Gifts


On top of dance, life, and the usual, the last couple weeks have been consumed with preparing for my boyfriend Matt’s birthday. Birthday are my favourite! Why?


Anyone that knows me know I LOVE GIVING GIFTS

I don’t just mean going to the store and buying someone someTHING I think they might like.

No, I mean I love giving the most meaningful (and usually time consuming gifts).

I plan for months what I am getting people. I save most of my money for Christmas and birthday. I have numerous google docs and spreadsheets dedicated to planning presents. I spend hours of pinterest searching for inspiration and then try to top it.

Some of my top presents/ creations have been:
-A hand made lego advent calendar (each day was around 30-60 pieces that eventually built the star wars millennium falcon. This also went along with the new star wars movie).
-12 days of Christmas. Each day had a present or something to do to get us excited about the holidays.
-Travel guide handmade by me using blurb to showcase a surprise Mexico vacation.
- Camping starter kit filled with all the cool camping goodies on someone wishlist. 
-Open when cards… 
-Letters to every single member of my entire family for Christmas
-Surprise getaway to Point No Point including dinner made by me and a birthday treat from his wishlist
- A fancy bottle of scotch only to be opened when a specific goal was accomplished (side note: he nailed it)
-Hand painted plate I made for my Mom (painting it included some terrific memories with my Dad). 

Again. I LOVE giving presents. 

Recently, my boyfriend Matt and I re-read the Five Love Languages. Both of us felt this book had some great points and of course some other stuff we didn’t really connect with. But you know how it goes, take what you want from things and leave the rest on the table. Anyways. Forever, I’ve never really understood my love language. You’d assume it’s gifts from my insatiable need to give but I never really connected with that since I don’t love to receive (I get really awkward). BUT I am starting to see maybe it is gifts after all. Whether I think so or not.  

It’s not just the giving part I love. I love the creation. I love the thought. I want people to open a gift from me and feel the love oozing out of it. I want the love I put into people’s gifts to be apparent and palpable.

So, if you ever need help thinking up a present of your own, I’m your girl. I live for this stuff 


Note I forgot to post this so it’s a little out dated. I thought about note posting it then I thought who cares if it’s not the most current