the list


So you’re probably thinking “this challenge sounds peachy and everything but what goals are you ACTUALLY working on?” To figure this out I brainstormed, researched, and wracked my brain for anything I could think of that might be impactful/ fit in with the challenge. Here’s what I came up with: 

♥One week without sugar
Do a headstand or forearm stand for 10 seconds (I hate being inverted)
♥Wake up before 7 am for a week
♥Sweat everyday damn day (for a week)
♥Take a dance class at Harbour Dance Centre in Vancouver
♥Dance en pointe
♥Learn something new
♥Take a hip hop class
♥Meditate everyday for a week
♥Give blood
♥Make a new recipe everyday for a week
♥Launch website (Before Twenty Five)
Launch freelancing business (website, proposal plan etc.) -working on it
♥Email local businesses about freelance work
♥Write and finish an ebook (remember it doesn’t have to be perfect)
♥Make a new friend and take them out for coffee/ wine
♥One week of friend dates
♥Reconnect with 3 old friends. Tell them why I used to love them and wish them well in life.
Pay off credit card(s) and set up payment plan -one down, one to go
♥Go one week without Starbucks and buying food out
♥Take a solo trip
Book a life changing trip (Possibly Bali)
♥Go to Vegas
♥Go to New York
♥Go visit a friend who lives away
♥Go on an overnight hike
♥Road trip the West Coast
♥Go to a music festival
♥Take a spontaneous trip
♥Surprise visit people I love
♥Write and mail out thank you cards to everyone for being them
♥Buy someone hungry a meal
♥Buy a stack of giftcards and give them out to people in need downtown
♥Gift my people words of affirmation ghost writer style
♥Make love everyday for a week
♥Get waxed
♥Get a doggie
♥Go for afternoon tea
Go zip lining -in the works
♥Host a murder mystery party
♥Create a time capsule
♥Take another aerial workshop (more aerial silks, pole, or hoop)
♥Go skinny dipping
♥Do something illegal
♥Breakfast at Tiffany’s
♥Plan a girls night out complete with champ, dinner and dancing
♥Plan a sleepover
♥Change a tire
♥Learn to drive
♥Get drivers license (I know… not having my driver’s licence is mildly embarassing) 
♥Find out my blood type
♥Recertify in first aid and cpr
♥Re-learn to sew on a machine. Make something I’m proud of. 
Go through entirety of stuff. throw away, donate, sell -although, this is also a life long thing
♥Organise life. Setup binder, cleaning plan, donate/ sell/ throw away purge
♥Be an adult and get shit done (all the appointments and important adulting things)
Lose weight and not be ashamed of talking about it (as fit or fitter than 18 year old Lauren) 
♥Read everyday (6 books in the next 6 months)
♥Be a confident coder- Finish going through codecademy
♥Gratitude journal daily
♥Learn a second language
♥Save $10 a week before my birthday. Use it towards birthday present to me!
♥Juice cleanse
♥One week for me (take a week off for a stay-cation. No dance, no work just me)
♥Teach a flashmob
Do a dance photo shoot

I’ll pick one thing from this list each week to focus on. As for what each week will be, that’s a surprise!