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How to spark an attitude of gratitude
in three easy steps

Happy Thanksgiving 2018

How to spark gratitude in three easy steps

Happy almost Thanksgiving!

Yes, that’s right: THANKSGIVING!

I know what you’re thinking, where did this year go?
How is the kick off to turkey + gravy season upon us?
Is Christmas REALLY only three months away?

As sneaky as Thanksgiving often feels, there’s always something about it that feels so special.

All the food
All the bevies #PSL
All the family
All the fall colours + crisp cool air
Basically, just all the good things!

It’s easy to get excited about eating yourself into a food coma. That’s what Thanksgiving is all about isn’t it?

Well, this year I challenge you (and me) to make Thanksgiving about MORE than just yummy niblets. I challenge us to take a look at what we’re most grateful for this thanksgiving weekend.

Because you know what they say: “It’s not happy people who are grateful but grateful people who are happy.”

Gratitude Rampage

When it comes to nailing down exactly what you’re grateful for, I’m personally a HUGE fan of what I like to call a “Gratitude Rampage.”

Here's how it works:

Step 1 |

Grab a piece of paper and a pen OR your fav writing utensil.

Step 2 |

Set a timer for 3 minutes. Write down every possible thought you can think of that your grateful for. If nothing is coming to your head, write something you’d like to be grateful for (#manifesting 😉).

Step 3 |

Once the three minutes is up, go back through them and remind yourself that you have a lot to be stoked about in life.

Repeat Daily

This fun and easy tool is sure to make you feel a little more thankful and hopefully brighten your day.

Side note: this rampage is not only useful during thanksgiving. I believe it’s even more important to incorporate it into our day to day. Gratitude is SO important for living our best lives.

Some days this can be extremely challenging. You know the days.The days where nothing feels like it’s going right and life is dragging you down. On these days take a minute to remember that even on the worst days, we all have something to be grateful for.

Want to try something else? Need help being held accountable? I’m a big fan of the Five Minute Journal. This beautiful little book does wonders while supporting you on your gratitude journey. Check it out here.

SO What am I most grateful for today:

♥ Sunny days
♥ All the cozy fall layers
♥ Productive weeks
♥ Family
♥ Delicious brunch made by my main squeeze
♥ Getting this blog post done
♥ Technology so I can be close to my family even when I’m not physically there
♥ Stain remover (weird one but I got a stain on a fav shirt and it came out)
♥ Hot coffees with a touch of pumpkin spice
♥ Mornings working from home
♥ Love
♥ My laptop
♥ Design tools
♥ My creative energy
♥ Our cozy home
♥ My apple watch for reminding me to stand
♥ Making connections with cool people
♥ Access to the internet #learnallthethings
♥ Being alive
♥ My boss headphones for helping me focus
♥ My lamy pen because it’s a dream to write with
♥ Fall colours
♥ Fresh air
♥ The feeling of change
♥ My one and only, partner in crime, most favourite person
♥ Last but not least: YOU. THANK YOU for reading my blog.

I showed you mine. Now it’s your turn. Happy Ramaging + HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

All the holiday love,


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