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Business Goodies

Growing a new business can be tricky stuff and I want to get the word out to all the awesome #bossbabes out there that I want to work with them.

That’s where you come in: if you think you might know some people who would likely become one of my website besties, I want to send you some goodies (aka business cards and other treats to thank you for helping me out) via snail mail.

Not sure you want any “goodies?” Believe me, you do 😉 Here’s a hint: If your #lovelanguage is words of affirmation or gifts you’ll want in on this.

If we don’t know each other personally, that’s cool too. We can become friends! If you want to help me out and would love some treats, go for it! Send your info my way #yournewpenpal

Looking SO forward to hearing from you ♥

OH and P.S. Any info you share is completely between us. Don't worry, you won't have any stalkers showing up at your door. Just the mail man 😉

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