A little more about me

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Like most entrepreneurs, I’ve been creating “businesses” since I was a little girl. Whether that was selling bookmarks, putting on a play for charity, or endless lemonade stands, the entrepreneurial spirit has always been a part of who I am.

In 2009 I moved from Calgary (AB, Canada) to Victoria (BC, Canada) for University. Originally, I was planning to become a psychologist but turns out that wasn’t quite my jam. After a year of Uni I decided it was time to take a break in order to explore who I wanted to become. While trying to figure out my path, I started working for lululemon. It was here that I first gained interest in branding and started to learn what elements create a successful brand identity.

Additionally to branding, I have been dabbling in website design since 2011. Since the internet is such a magical place, I am completely self taught. Thanks to lululemon and websites like Pinterest, I have discovered my strengths and style which I would consider feminine and minimalist. I’m definitely drawn to simple, clean lines often mixed with fun, whimsical and feminine fonts.

I also love coaching and working with clients to create them a brand identity and website they adore. So often, I see people pay tons of money to have a designer create them a brand or website, only to turn around and not feel 100% connected. This just isn’t right to me. Creating a brand is a team effort not a solo mission.

When I’m not working I usually spend my time dancing, adventuring with my partner Matt or working on various passion projects. One of these project was a website called “Before Twenty-Five.” The original website is no longer live but I have recreated it here on ldotdesigns.com. Check it out to learn more about me and see some of my work.


So where does the name l.dot designs come from?

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t think of a name for my brand I half liked. One day my partner-in-crime Matt and I were sitting on a patio and he was playing with one of those filters on his phone that puts words over top of a photo. He put “L-Dot Sunshine girl” on the photo and a light bulb went on in my head. Back when we first started dating he would sometimes call me “L dot” (can I get an AWWWWW). I always liked the nickname but had kind of forgotten about it. It was one of those ah-ha moments where I was just like “l.dot designs!” The more I thought about the more it became clear it was a perfect fit. Besides the letter “L” standing for my name, I realized it also stood for the lifestyle design element of my brand. And so ldotdesigns.com was born. Magic, I know 😉

ldot sunshine girl.JPG

Wanting more? I get it, I’m a curious cat just like you so here’s a list of random facts. Enjoy*




quality time with those I love most

giving super thoughtful, personal gifts (tears are always the goal😉)

travel and adventures

thoughtful surprises

hot sun and warm sand

sunsets in far off places

reading (when my brain has space)

my long hair #natural (even though it’s mostly in a top knot, ballet bun or ponytail 😛)

holidays (especially Christmas)

snuggles of the human or animal variety

laughter (deep in the gut kind that ends up hurting your laughing so hard to chuckle followed by a smile)

checking things off a list (#allthelists)


the colour pink (obvi)

trying new restaurants

getting dressed up

getting pampered (think: nails, hair, spa day or anywhere I get treated like a #princess

plane rides

warm baths on cold days

letters, notes, and words show me that people care

red lipstick or Burts Bees chapstick

nights out with friends once in a blue moon (and getting girlified)

fav fitness= aerial silks, climbing, yoga, skating, swimming and of course dance class


Audrey Hepburn

a nice glass of red or an icy cold beverage in the sunshine

sitting at a coffee shop getting excited about something I am creating

Still not enough? I’m an open book