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Branding and Website Redesign


Life is full of choices. When I made the choice to take on this project for my Mom and Aunt, I didn’t realize the impact it would have.

I have to be real here, I completed this project back somewhere around 2013-ish. A lot has changed with Heelerz since then and it’s ripe for an update. BUT I still thought this project was OH SO IMPORTANT to share since it was FULL of #allthefirsts.

This project marked my first time working with a client. This meant my first time:
♥ Coaching on branding
♥ Creating a visual brand identity for a client
♥ Creating an e-commerce store using Shopify
♥ Creating a website for someone else besides myself

Like all firsts, they come with growing pains and ALL THE LEARNINGS but believe me when I say they were all worth it.

I’m beyond excited to share this project with you today and I urge you to take a gander at all Heelerz has to offer. This down to earth, beautiful company is definitely worth a peak.

The Brand

Brand Visualization

You find yourself in a beautiful rose garden. The day's sun is starting to fade and what’s left is a warm peach glow touching the world around you. You’re surrounded by a variety of beautiful flowers but the light pink ones look so stunning in the evening sun you have to stop and give one a smell. It has a sweet scent that touches your heart and triggers the most tender memories. You sit in the rose garden, taking in it’s beauty and reflecting on memories past.

Core Values


♥ Love
♥ Compassion
♥ Handmade

♥ Caring
♥ Knowledgable
♥ Feminine
♥ Harmonious

♥ Honesty
♥ Beauty
♥ Quality


pink Colour SYMBOLISM


♥ Feminine
♥ Antique
♥ Pretty
♥ Airy
♥ Harmonious

♥ Light
♥ Romantic
♥ Loving
♥ Beautiful

♥ Tender
♥ Love
♥ Grace
♥ Inviting
♥ Renewal


The Website


Heelerz Before Mockup.png


Heelerz Macbook Mockup.png


We started our business Pet HEELERZ in 2011 with no clear vision and only a creative idea. We spent a lot of time, money and energy on products and designs that where not true to who we where.

In 2014 Lauren took us on an incredible journey. Not only did she help us discover who we where as individuals and business owners, she reignited our passion in the process. Decisions became so much more focused, easier.

With the brand that Lauren created the business now presents itself beautifully from its supporting literature, booth displays, and awesome website.

I am forever grateful to Lauren. I recommend everyone takes a journey with her. Whether to build a brand or to find your their personal best.

Tannia Fortier HEELERZ Gemstones for human, horse and hound.


"Lauren has a very unique way at guiding you through the process of re-branding and re-launching for small business.

Being such an Awsome boss babe, she is driven and determined to get things just right. She walked us through the process of finding out who”HEELERZ GEMSTONES” was...from choosing our inspiration colours, to website re-do she made it “AUTHENTICALLY” us.

She is so knowledgeable in this area and actually made things fun and exciting right from the start when the thought of re-branding was overwhelming and daunting.

An excellent experience for sure."


Even though Heelerz has a close personal connection, I am still ridiculously proud of this project.

Thank you Heelerz for the opportunity to play such a large role in your business. It's been wondering watching how your business has grown and changed over the years.

If you haven't guessed it yet, This project changed my life. It taught me that I am capable of SO much. It reminded me that I am a researcher, a learner, insatiably curious. It inspired me to make a career out of web design and branding.

For all of these things, I am so grateful.

Heelerz has rebranded a little bit since I initially did their brand and now goes by Heelerz Gemstones- For Human, Horse + Hound

P.S. Curious if we'd be website besties? Me too! Send me a little email over this way. Pretty sure we'd make a great team? Fill this bad boy out and let's get this show on the road!

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