Launched: Nicholas Bardon Real Estate


Brand and Business Collateral Design


Back in February, I started a special project for a good friend of mine Nicholas Bardon or “Nick” as I know him.

This was such an exciting project for me since not only is Nick one of my good friends, but also a successful realtor in Victoria.

His project was a great opportunity to learn since it was different than my usual offerings. Nick wanted me to create him a modern logo with collateral to match. Think: business cards, letterhead, etc.

Let me start off with some real talk: I’ve never designed for print before. This project made me both excited and nervous as learning often does.

Now that the project is complete I’m beyond happy with the results and even more excited to share it with you. Enjoy and let me know your feedback in the comments below.

The Brand

Brand Essence:


♥ Luxury
♥ Modern
♥ Friendly

♥ Boutique
♥ Personable
♥ Clean
♥ Minimal

♥ Professional
♥ Quality
♥ High End


Want to explore more of Nick's brand? Check out his Brand Tool Kit: 

The Collateral

Nicholas Bardon Stationary Brand Mockup.png
Nicholas Folder Inside Mockup.png

Business Cards



Client Presentation

Nick was an excellent client. He really put his brand in my hands and gave me full control. This of course had it's challenges but overall it was a designers dream to do whatever I wanted.

Not only was Nick a great client, but he is also an awesome realtor.

I think what sets Nick apart from other realtors is the way he maintains a professionalism while still feeling like a friend.

Friends are there for support and guidance. They go above and beyond. You know your friends have your back. This is exactly who Nick is as a person and realtor.

If you are considering buying or selling a property in British Columbia (Canada), Nick’s your guy.

To get in touch with Nick, drop him an email at or reach out to me and I can put you guys in contact.

Thanks Nick for being a wicked client and friend. I hope you love your new branding, you deserve it!


P.S. Curious if we'd be website besties? Me too! Send me a little email over this way. Pretty sure we'd make a great team? Fill this bad boy out and let's get this show on the road!

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