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Thirteen Boss Babes I Love who are Up to Great Things

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Grab a cup of coffee or glass of rose because this is a long one 😉

I love working with feminine, passionate, boss babes but I’ve got to say, my whole life I’ve struggled to connect with women. I’ve longed for female friendship, only to be let down time and time again. I’ve been left out by women, manipulated by women, bullied by women, dragged down by women. I’ve been made to feel less than. Not enough. And I know I’m not alone.

What’s with this? Why do we bring each other down? It’s a well known fact women have to work harder in life. Why do we make it harder on ourselves? Why don’t we just say “Hey I think you look gorgeous today” and mean it. Why don’t we say you inspire me with all you’re up to instead of sitting back and being jealous? Why don’t we just tell eachother how wicked awesome we are? Because….we’re women and we are pretty fucking fantastic (<-sorry family 😉 )

Well, today in honor of International Women’s Day I’m going to do just that. Today I’m going to share thirteen #BossBabes who I know in real life and are up to cool bossbabe shit. These ladypreneurs are working their butts off, creating some incredible kinds of badass business magic and I highly recommend you check them all out.

So without further ado…

Thirteen Boss Babes I Love
Who are Up to Great Things


Angie of Equine Enrichment

Why is Angie a #BossBabe?
Angie is so down-to-earth and freakin authentic. I had the pleasure to work with Angie last year, coaching her through her brand and rebuilding her website. This woman works hard for what she’s so passionate about: working with horses to guide people on their journey towards healing. These horses are incredibly gifted intuitive healers. With Angie as their interpreter, they make a pretty epic team. As amazing as these horses are, Angie is the heart of the business. She is beyond humble and doesn’t take enough credit for the incredible work she does. This woman has played such a role is so many people's lives and has truly give back to this earth.

What is Equine Enrichment about?
“Equine assisted wellness coaching supporting people through pain that manifests in addiction”

aka Angie and her stunning healing team of horses (and doggies) work with people to break down barriers and create magic.

From me to you:
Angie, it was such a pleasure working with you. Your colourful, passionate energy is so easy to be drawn to. You are so authentic and just the most lovely person. I am so excited to see what you continue to create. You do incredible work that this world so needs. Thank you.

Check Angie + Equine Enrichment out:
Insta: @equineenrichment
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Equine-Enrichment-472093179481805/
Website: http://www.equineenrichment.com


Beka of the Quartermoon Crew.

Why is Beka a #BossBabe?
This gal is another hard worker (<-this is an understatement). She’s the product assistant manager at lulu (this is a big job). She’s a baby whisper (I swear this girl watches all the littles in Victoria). And last but not least, she’s the creator and ladyboss of the Quartermoon Crew (the punniest sweatshirts around). This girl works her tail off to create her best life and share her puns with the world. Somehow this girl does it all while always looking top notch, maintaining relationships, and having an insta to die for. I know she sounds like a myth, but I SWEAR she’s for real. This girl gives back to the world everyday but in a less conventional sense. Using her super power, humour, she makes dad jokes cool again and puts endless smiles on people's faces every damn day. You know what they say, laughter really is the best medicine.

What is the Quartermoon Crew about?
“Specialty & custom apparel made with you and your specific interests in mind. Puns always intended.”

aka The punniest of the punny sweatshirts and apparel from a gal who is even punnier in real life.

From me to you:
Beka, it’s been so increible watching your business grow. I get so excited everytime I see people wearing your punny sayings around town. When I see someone decked out in your gear, I get giddy like I’ve spotted someone famous. I KNOW HER runs through my mind. Basically, you’re famous. Just saying 😉. You’re creations always put a smile on my face. Keep working that hilarious butt of yours off you rockstar.

Check Beka + the Quartermoon Crew. out:
Insta: @thequartermooncrew
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thequartermooncrew/
Website: https://thequartermooncrew.com

Andrew Chambers Photography

Andrew Chambers Photography

Caleigh of Rhythm and Soul

Why is Caleigh a #BossBabe?
Not only is Caleigh a badass dancer (this girls got crazy skills) but she’s also a hard wording lady boss. With the support of her business partner Desiree, this dynamic duo has created a super cool dance community based around positivity and empowerment. I personally don’t know Desiree, but let me tell you that Caleigh is a pretty freakin cool gal. She’s a doer. She makes things happen. She continues to create what makes her happy, even though she lives a crazy busy life. She has an infectious, goofy energy that you just can’t help to smile about. This gal is an excellent leader, teacher and human. Go dance with her and Desiree, I guaranteed you’ll have a great time.

What is Rhythm and Soul about?
“Our vision is to inspire and educate people of all ages, shapes, and abilities to gain self-confidence and self-worth through movement, creativity, and dance. We strive to create an environment that is free of judgement, is inclusive, and is passion fueled, and as a result creates confident, positive, and passionate dancers, performers, and people.”

aka Rhythm and Soul is a super cool local dance community offering various epic events with a focus on positivity and passion.

From me to you:
Caleigh, I always look forward to seeing your face. You’re energy and smile lifts me up and I know I’m not alone. You are an incredible teacher and excellent at breaking things down. You’re humble and down to earth. You’re a badass, especially on your scoot 😉. Never stop being you my rhythmical friend. You are a freakin cool human.

Check Caleigh + Rhythm and Soul out:
Insta: @rhythmsouldance
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rhythmandsouldanceyyj/
Website: https://www.rhythmandsouldance.ca

Carly of tiny.writer

Why is Carly a #BossBabe?
The real question is what ISN’T BossBab-y about Carly. This girl is the poster girl for rocking the female world. From thought provoking poetry to being loud and proud about women’s rights to taking her clothing of in the name of sex positivity (aka burlesque) this girl’s got her shit together. Carly’s brains match her face: absolutely stunning. She’s a creator, always writing with her heart on her sleeve. She’s a yogi, breaking the boundaries of what a yoga class “should” look like. She’s a down-to-earth, rockstar of a girl who empowers the world on a daily basis.

What is tiny.writer about?
“There's a certain magic inherent to creative expression. It's like learning to speak a new language. Whether you paint, sing or dance, you are drawn to these because it recreates a part of you. We save the things that seem to translate our experience: quotes we like, old photographs we keep, recipes we bookmark and songs we hum."

"I write things.
I teach yoga.
I write to explore the world. I teach yoga to make the world even more awesome. “

aka Words and yoga brought together to create magic.

From me to you:
You girl, inspire me. I want to learn from you and suck your knowledge up like a sponge. Thank you for always being Carly. Thank you for wearing your heart on your sleeve. It’s a gorgeous heart that I feel so honored to have known.

Check Carly + tiny.writer out:
Insta: @tiny.writer
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tiny.writer.yoga/
Website: http://tinywriter.com


Donna of Petit Etoile Studio

Why is Donna a #BossBabe?
Hmm where do I start? Donna is a freakin incredible lady. From hustling hard at lulu (she’s one of my work besties) to freakin killing it with her calligraphy design, I can’t say enough about this girl. Donna’s creations are drop dead gorgeous. Her hand lettering makes me into the emoji with two big heart eyes. If you ever have the chance to watch her work, man is it something. She makes it look like the easiest thing in the world. Effortless. Besides being a creative genius, this gal has the biggest heart. She’s fiery and passionate and loves with everything she’s got.

What is Petit Etoile Studio about?
“My journey as an artist started as young as six. Always fascinated by paper goods and typography, my notebooks, textbooks, and binders were all adorned in various styles of bubble letters and doodles. My creative energy translated into many things such as DIY projects, painting, graphic design, and calligraphy. After an accident in 2014 my side hustle as a graphic designer came to a halt to allow time for my brain to heal. This was a turning a point in my life where the stars aligned. I took a step back and honed in on my hands-on skills rather than my work as a graphic designer. The world of calligraphy has given me new life again as an evolved artist. If you're looking to work with a passionate artist and maker, look no further! I'm here to bring to life whatever project you have in mind! I am purely driven by my clients wants and needs.”

aka Badass and beautiful calligraphy and hand lettering

From me to you:
Donna, you’re an incredible, passionate, beautiful woman who I look up to so much. In the time I’ve known you, not only have I learnt so much from you but also developed a second brain 😉. Thanks for always being you and being a rockstar at everything. Never stop being you.

Check Donna + Petit Etoile Studio out:
Insta: @petitetoilestudio
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/petitetoilestudio/
Website: https://www.petitetoilestudio.com

Ian Sparks Photography

Ian Sparks Photography

Dyana of Broken Rhythms Victoria Society

Why is Dyana a #BossBabe?
If I had to pick the person I know who works the hardest for their art, it would be Dyana. Ever since I met Dyana she has been hustling hard to make her goals happen. From being a wicked dance teacher to attending UVic to being artistic director and founder of Broken Rhythms, this gal has her hands full. That doesn’t stop her from being a ridiculously down-to-earth and an overall incredible person. To top it off, not only did she start a successful dance company, she also created her own signature dance style called “Rhythmical Contemporary.” How FREAKIN COOL. If you haven't had a chance to see Dyana’s work yet, I highly recommend checking out her latest show: ThySelf premiering March 16th at the Metro Theatre in Victoria.

What is Broken Rhythms Victoria Society about?“Broken Rhythms is a Victoria-based, registered not-for-profit dance company founded in 2011 under the artistic direction of Dyana Sonik-Henderson. The company was created to showcase the unique style of rhythmical contemporary, to provide local artists with performance and training opportunities, and to support and develop the Canadian arts community.”

aka Broken Rhythms is a boundary pushing, badass dance company featuring it’s own unique style of dance “rhythmical contemporary”

From me to you:
Dyana, you are truly one of the quirkiest, most down-to-earth, beautiful people I have ever known. I feel so grateful for the time I spent with your company and beyond excited to see what you’re up to next. Keep rocking the indie dance scene and never stop doing you.

Check Dyana + Broken Rhythms out:
Insta: @brokenrhythmsvictoria
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BrokenRhythms/
Website: https://brokenrhythmsvictoria.com


Evelyn of Evelyn Oldroyd Painting

Why is Evelyn a #BossBabe?
Evelyn is my other Mum (<- did you see what I did there) and another increible creator. Once upon a time she was a handweaver and one of the few who held a Master Weaver certification through the Canadian Guild of Weavers. Now, Evelyn creates stunning paintings almost daily. Her beautiful artwork may be mesmerising but it doesn’t compare to her as a person. She’s humble, smart, stunningly beautiful and a wonderful Mum. I highly recommend you give her a follow so you can keep an eye on her latest creations. You won’t be disappointed.

What is Evelyn Oldroyd Painting about?
“I have always loved art, drawing, painting. I started painting in 2003 and in 2012 began blogging and following the daily painting movement. I haven't kept up daily, but do painting most days.”

aka Beautiful oil paintings created by an experienced, creative artist.

From me to you:
Evelyn, I feel so grateful to have you as part of my life. Thank you so much for constantly sharing your art. As much as I love your beautiful paintings, the creation of yours I am most thankful for is your wonderful son. You’re so talented and a beautiful human being. Never forget that. I love you and keep doing what you love.

Check Evelyn + her paintings out:
Insta: @evelynoldroydpainting
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/e.l.oldroyd.arts/about/?ref=page_internal
Website: https://evelynoldroydpainting.blogspot.ca


Karen Boaz of Karen Boaz Yoga

Why is Karen a #BossBabe?
Karen is first and foremost a yoga teacher but I personally think she’s a #bossbabe because she’s a life long learner and action taker. She’s always striving to elevate her business. She invested in Marie Forleo’s B-School to help learn the tools she needed. She wanted a website so she learnt how to do it herself. She makes what lights her up a priority. She travels because she loves it. She moved away for her man but still makes her friends a priority. She’s wanted to host a yoga retreat, so she’s doing it. Karen does Karen and she sees the benefits of it. This is what makes Karen an inspiration and someone all of us can learn from.

What is Karen Boaz Yoga about?
“Yoga teacher currently based out of Courtenay,BC specializing in vinyasa, yin, restorative, and prenatal yoga. Private, group, corporate and studio classes”

aka A fun, personable, empowering yogi who never stops learning.

From me to you:
Karen, I’m so glad you reached out to me about your websites. It’s been such a treat connecting with since you moved away. You inspire me with your independence and thirst for knowledge. You’re such an authentic, down to earth gal and I am so happy to have met you. Keep doing you. You’re up to big things girl and I can’t wait to see them manifest.

Check Karen + Karen Boaz Yoga out:
Insta: @karenboazyoga
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/karenboazyoga/
Website: http://karenboaz.com


Melissa of Wildwoods Nutrition

Why is Melissa a #BossBabe?
This girl doesn’t just believe in saving the planet but she lives and breathes in action of it every day. She hustles hard building eco plant-based awareness through her online presence on her Instagram and website. The content she creates is so beautiful that even the most carnivorous of people can’t help but pay attention to what she’s saying. This girl has a big heart and an even bigger voice. Follow her, you won’t regret it.

What is Wildwoods Nutrition about?
“To advocate for environmental sustainability in all avenues of food, health and wellness – so that we, and future generations, may have access to the admiration and exploration of our most treasured wilderness destinations – for years to come.”

aka Melissa is a plant-based eco nutritionist on a mission to save the planet while creating epic meals and vampy pics.

From me to you:
Girl, your business has grown SO much since I first met you. You take some of the most gorgeous photos and your feed is one of my favourites. My only wish is that you didn’t move away so I could keep up to date with what you’re up to in real life. I can’t wait to see what you achieve with Wildwoods Nutrition my beautiful plant based friend.

Check Melissa + Wildwoods Nutrition out:
Insta: @wildwoods_nutrition
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wildwoodsnutrition/
Website: http://www.wildwoodsnutrition.com

Photography by Georgia

Nicole of The Om-Work Project + Nicole McLellan

Why is Nicole a #BossBabe?
Oh man, this girl is a ball of light. She hustles hard with her hands in so many pots. She is a yoga teacher. She works with me at lulu and is a badass community connector. She works at a super cool new yoga studio: Quantum Yoga. She’s an author of the book “I Did Something Different...And It Worked”. And last but not least, this girl is the founder of a super beautiful, not-for-profit called The Om-Work project which is dedicated to empowering youth and sending young women to yoga teacher training. I don’t know how this gorgeous gal does it all but she does, always with such grace and a smile on her face. If she’s not an inspiration, I don’t know who is.

What is the Om Work Project + Nicole McLellan about?
“Nicole McLellan, yoga teacher, educator, and author, founded the Om Work Project in 2017. After completing her Registered Yoga Teacher Training (RYTT) in 2013, Nicole saw the benefits of the training... it not only taught her to bring mindfulness and practice to a yoga class but extended far beyond.”

aka Yoga teacher, author of “I Did Something Different...And It Worked,” founder of The Om-Work project and extraordinary increible human.

From me to you:
Nicole, I’m so happy to have met you. The work you do is so full of love. You work that yoga butt off for what you believe in and your hustle is all for the good of others (basically, you’re a superhero). You are such a beauty inside and out. You’re up to big things girl. I CANNOT WAIT to watch you on Ellen one day 😉

Check Nicole + the Om Work Project out:
Insta: @nicoleleeannmclellan + @theomworkproject
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nicolemclellandaretobedifferent/ + https://www.facebook.com/theomworkproject/
Website: http://www.nmclellan.com


Rachel of Shanti Collective

Why is Rachel a #BossBabe?
Rachel is a free spirited badass women. In 2013 she went traveling with the central goal being to figure out what she wanted to “do” with her life. When she returned she was full of fire and made the Shanti Collective happen in a way that looked effortless. Now, fast forward to 2018 and she’s rocking it in the world of Mala jewelry. In the last five years she was able to take her business full time and accomplish many other business milestones. Rachel is an inspiration to me because she did it. She made her online business happen. She works for herself and creates her own schedule. Rachel does all this with a grounded attitude and a beautiful, genuine smile on her face.

What is the Shanti Collective about?
“The Shanti Collective is a manifestation of many things in my life. My intention is to create more than just a finished product. It is to create a talisman of a more peaceful and beautiful gift, one that keeps giving beyond me. I have always had a love for stones and the energies they hold. For that reason, I have picked each one with intention, in hopes that these malas can act as a vessel to lead you to peace, calm and harmony.”

aka Curated with love, ethically sourced, spiritual mala jewelry.

From me to you:
Rachel, you are such a lovely human inside and out. Our day together in Bali with the boys was SO much fun and probably the perfect mirror to how I see you. Friendly, open, and down right awesome. Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re creating magic.

Check Rachel + the Shanti Collective out:
Insta: @shanticollective
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shanticollective/
Website: https://shanticollective.com


Tash of Nourish by Tash

Why is Tash a #BossBabe?
Tash is always up to something. From creating an Instagram empire to studying to be a holistic nutritionist to creating initiatives to rescue doggies in the Philippines (Unbound Light) this girl is on a mission to save the world. She’s a spitfire whose mind is traveling at 1 million miles a minute, allowing her to create endlessly. Her instagram feed is the stuff dreams are made of. Give it a look but I must warn you, you’ll 150% walk away with the biggest girl crush on this gal. She’s kind of epic.

What is Nourish by Tash about?
“Combining functional movement, the principles of yoga & holistic nutrition to cultivate the strongest, vibrant most empowered you.”

aka An epic yogi who uses her epicness to make this world a better place.

From me to you:
Tash, I’ve loved following your journey. I thought I was bendy until I met you. GIRL you’re incredible. You are such a little ball of fire with a heart as big as the sun. You create and ideate more than probably anyone I know. You’re going to do big things in this world my bendy friend.

Check Tash + Nourish by Tash out:
Insta: @nourishbytash
Main Website: https://www.nourishbytash.com
Recent Project Website: https://www.unboundlight.ca/volunteer/

And last but certainly not least...


Tannia of Heelerz Gemstones

Why is Tannia a #BossBabe?
Not only is Tannia Fortier my Mom but she's also one of my heros. This woman is beautiful inside and out (thanks for the genes Mom 😉). She works her booty off being a fantastic Mom + wife while hustling hard for her business: Heelerz. I’m especially proud of her these days because she recently took Heelerz on all by herself. Tannia previously started Heelerz with her sister Trenna (one of my wicked awesome aunts) but when Trenna made the brave choice to take a step away from the business for her own personal reasons, she didn’t blink twice at the challenge. Tannia is brave, resilient, and strong. She is beyond humble. She is a true creative super hero, endlessly solution orientated + has the biggest heart in the world. I am beyond lucky to call this woman my Mom. If you've met Tannia, you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, you need to (and I'm not just saying that because I'm her daughter 😉)

What is Heelerz Gemstones about?
“HEELREZ Gemstones creates high quality handmade gemstone products for pets, horses and their people. Using leathers and other natural products we create pieces to support your mind, body and spirit.”

aka Gemstone jewelry for pets, horses + people that is intuitively handmade with so much love.

From me to you:
Mom, I am beyond proud of all you have created. Not just with Heelerz but also throughout my entire life, you’ve always been quite the creator. Thank you for being an inspiration and a beautiful person who I am honored to have as a Mom. Keep doing what you’re doing. You're a beautiful human and I love you so much.

Check Tannia + Heerlerz Gemstones out:
Insta: @heelerzgemstones
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/petheelerz/
Website: https://heelerz.ca

And there you have it. Is it really a surprise I think this business gals are wicked awesome? I don’t think so. I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I liked writing it. Have a beautiful day and HAPPY INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY.

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P.S. Did you wish you were on this list? When I was writing this blog I realized I know SO MANY WICKED AWESOME WOMEN. Since I could probably right a novel solely based on epic women in my life, I’d like to do another one of these posts in the future. If you’d LOVE to be included in the next one, send me an email with what you’re up to and I’ll be sure to include you.

P.P.S. You’re all badass babes and I couldn’t figure out how to order you. So alphabetical it was 😉. Keep being wicked awesome.

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