An Open Letter to My Lemons


lululemon series | part one


I made a choice.
A really really big choice.
After almost 10 years with lululemon, I left my safe, comfy, full-time job in pursuit of turning my goals into reality.

To celebrate that choice, as well as let go and move forward, I’ll be sharing a series of blog posts over the next few weeks. Get excited!

Lululemon was basically my second home and the choice to move on didn’t come lightly. I have so much gratitude for my time with the company and thought what a better way to express it than through my blog. ♥

So without further ado…

An open letter of gratitude to my lemons

Dear Lemons Past, Present, and Future,

Each and every one of you helped me become the person I am today and I want to say THANK YOU.

All of you brought something special to the team. That uniqueness is what made us unstoppable. You showed your dorky side. You showed your vulnerability. I am so grateful to have experienced them both. Thank you for being you.

Together we were a team comprised of athletes and entrepreneurs. Changemakers and creators. Learners and do-ers. Basically, a perfect cocktail for daily inspiration. Everyday you shared your passion and what it looked like to work hard for something that really mattered. Thank you for inspiring me.

Working with you, I grew into the person I am today. You gave me feedback and had those tough conversations. You held me big even when it wasn’t easy or I put up a fus ;-). You challenged me by asking questions instead of giving answers. Thank you for helping me grow.

Not only were you my coworkers but also my friends. Whether it was a hug or talking things out, you were always there. You gave me a shoulder to cry on and an endless supply of laughter. Thank you for being my people.

lululemon cheer station

Whatever the day looked like, we worked hard together. We had each other's back when things got tough and celebrated when things were rockin. When something wasn’t my #bestlife, you supported and helped me to figure it out. Thank you for being my team.

The list of experiences we’ve had together is endless. From the good times to the hard times to the times in-between, I am so grateful to have shared them with you. Whether these experiences were amazing, uncomfortable, or hilarious, I’ll never forget them. Thank you for the memories.

I am eternally grateful for my time with each and every one of you inside those four walls. Laughing, learning, growing, failing, succeeding, creating, reframing, selling, returning, running, sweating, communicating, cleaning, clearing, folding, chatting, discovering, lemon-ing.

Whether you’re still with lululemon or like myself, you’ve moved on, know you’ll always be my one of my lemons. Thank you for being such a huge part of my story. Because of you, I am who I am today.


P.S. If you know who took any of the photos above and think they would like credit, let me know :-). I found them off my facebook and would love to give credit where it's due. Also, finding pictures was harder than I thought. If you have some good ones, send them my way and I'll include them. ♥

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