So I Quit My Day Job

I also realized that maybe one of the reasons I couldn’t grow my business after all these years was the split focus. I couldn't give it a real go because I always had lulu to fall back on.

I was hard core stuck in my comfort zone and knew the only way I could move forward with life was to (finally) move on from slinging those stretchy pants.

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An Open Letter to My Lemons

I made a choice. A really really big choice.

After almost 10 years with lululemon, I left my safe, comfy, full-time job in pursuit of turning my goals into reality.

To celebrate that choice, as well as let go and move forward, I’ll be sharing a series of blog posts over the next few weeks. Get excited!

Lululemon was basically my second home and the choice to move on didn’t come lightly. I have so much gratitude for my time with the company and thought what a better way to express it than through my blog. ♥

So without further ado…

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Launched: lululemon Journal

This journal is probably my biggest point of pride out of everything I have created in the nearly 10 years I worked for lululemon.

Not only is it beautiful but it’s also FULL of the magic that makes lululemon so special. I feel beyond honored for the opportunity to create this stunning gift for the lululemon Victoria team.

*It’s pretty freaking special to me.*

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2018 Here YOU come:

Remember WAY back at the beginning of 2018 when I started this goal series? WELL I’m here today to FINALLY finish it off! Get ready to learn all about my goal process and maybe even get inspired to dream up some of your own. Enjoy ♥

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GoalsLauren FortierComment
2018 and Beyond:

I had always been one to keep my goals locked up tight, close to my heart. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with fear. The what ifs. The inside voice that’s afraid of judgement and the possible repercussions of sharing. I know this is a big stopping point for many people when it comes to sharing their deepest desires (can I see a raise of hands). If this is you, know you’re not alone! It’s scary business!

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